If you live in the Midwest region of the United States you probably know the furniture retailer HOM Furniture. This is its crazy Mandela Effect story that took place before the Mandela Effect even existed. In 2009 someone posted on either Facebook or Reddit and they wrote “Does anyone remember HOME Furniture being called HOM Furniture?” It got many replies and lots of people agreed. It started a whole Mandela Effect-like thing that went viral in the midwest. But in 2014 someone found a video on YouTube called “HOM Tent Sale Ends”. He or she thought that it was another person who thought it was HOM but his/her heart dropped when they saw that it actually called HOM. They then wrote about it online and people then made theories that we are switching universes every 5 to 10 years. Although some people including me don’t believe that theory because I remember it always being HOM. You can even look up pictures and videos of HOM Furniture from 2009 to 2014 and it always said HOM. There is no evidence that it is called HOME in anything. Why would they even blatantly change the name from HOM to HOME and back to HOM again. Well that’s that.